The Midwest Paranormal Detective Agency was conceived and founded in the fall of 2009 by Pam Erickson, Chrystal Kolberg, and Jim Gisch; three friends who share a common interest of investigating the supernatural.
As soon as we began interviewing potential clients, we found there was a need for a professional team of investigators whose main purpose was to help people and gather evidence to support the existence of the paranormal. We thought the best way to accomplish that was through ghost hunting and investigating other supernatural or otherworldly events.
The paranormal terrain was very different in 2009. We chose not to advertise our services, but instead we relied on word of mouth to inform people of our existence. We felt it would be better to offer a quality service to fewer clients than to have many clients but not enough time to provide good service.
Belief in the paranormal has changed dramatically over the last 5 years, and MWPDA has acquired invaluable experience through our many investigations. We feel we are now ready to advertise our services through the creation of this web site. Check it out and if you'd like us to investigate your unique situation, please, let us know.


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